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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Limo Rental

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Limo Rental

Organizing your wedding can be a busy time with many different matters crowding for your attention – dresses and suits, the venue, the food and much more.  In the chaos, sometimes the planning of wedding transportation can be pushed to the back burner, but this can mean that when you come to make a booking, your choices are limited.  The key is to deal with the matter at least six months before the wedding and here are some top tips to get that perfect chauffeur service for your big day.

What do you need?

The first step is to consider what you need for your wedding day.  For example, some couples have a religious ceremony in a place such as a church or a synagogue then move to a reception venue such as a hotel.  Others may have a civil ceremony in a hotel.  Another plan can be a church, then a daytime venue and sometimes even on to a nighttime venue.

Therefore, when looking at wedding transportation, consider what you need to book.  A schedule might look like:

Collect bride and bridesmaids and take to ceremony location

Collect groom and groomsmen and take to the ceremony location

Chauffeur service for bride and groom from ceremony to reception venue

Chauffeur service the next day for the couple to the airport for their honeymoon

Consider the guests

In addition to renting a vehicle or two for the bride and groom, you may also want to consider the guests.  Some couples opt to use a limo rental to carry parents and other immediate family/guests to the ceremony and venue in addition to vehicles for themselves.

Out of town guests who don’t know the area and may not have a vehicle with them are another consideration – do you want to supply transport of some form for them?  Larger vehicles such as minibuses can be an option to transport a number of guests from one place to another. If your guests are from out of town consider providing them contact details for a luxury car service in NYC.

Choosing the vehicle

MercedesSEscalade,VIPSprinter,LincolnMKTLimo,PassengerVanThere is no shortage of amazing vehicles that you can hire for your wedding day from limousines to sleek modern luxury cars and even classic vehicles.  Once you have an idea of what vehicles you require for the day, you can start looking at the choice of vehicles available to meet your requirements.

Some couples are very specific and have a dream car that they want to ride in and also to have pictures taken with on their wedding day.  For others, it is all about practicality – perhaps the bride has four bridesmaids, and they simply won’t all fit in a standard vehicle, so a limo is a perfect answer.

In fact, the limo is fast becoming one of the most popular types of wedding vehicles for a host of reasons.  The larger number of seats is one reason, and another is the space within them – ideal to ensure the bride’s beautiful dress doesn’t become creased during the journey.  Then there’s the star factor that limos are associated with, feeling like a Hollywood star arriving at your venue.

Choosing the company

There are also many companies offering limo hire, especially for weddings.  So how do you select the best for your day?

Always look for companies that have plenty of experience and high-quality vehicles. Don’t gamble your wedding day transport on a company without a proven track record.

You can look for a company in your area or the area where you are getting married.  If you are in New York, look for a luxury car service and take the time to visit the office, chat with the people and see the vehicles for yourselves.

The details

When you do speak with limo rental companies about your wedding transportation, the details are important.  For example, do the company have a minimum booking time frame and are you within it?  Can they help with all your transport needs?  Do the drivers all come wearing uniforms?

Little touches such as snacks and drinks in the vehicle for the journey and the ability to have some music playing can be important.  Those last-minute nerves can catch anyone, and a relaxing journey with a glass of champagne might be the perfect way to relax.


Hiring the right vehicle for your wedding day is an important part of making sure everything runs smoothly.  By opting for an experienced, high-quality company to handle your transport, you can make the booking and not give it another thought until the big day comes around.