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Bermuda Limousine International Announces a Philanthropic Partnership with the LearningSpring School


Bermuda Limousine International Announces a Philanthropic Partnership with the LearningSpring SchoolOfficial logo with tagline

NEW YORK, N.Y. (June 5, 2013) – Bermuda Limousine International, one of the industry leaders in luxury chauffeured transportation services, announces its preferred philanthropy selection today;    the LearningSpring School, a New York City based model school designed for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

The Partnership between Bermuda Limousine International and LearningSpring School will promote targeted campaigns and events concerning autism awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts.   Bermuda Limousine International has agreed to donate 10% of sales generated through these campaigns to the LearningSpring School.

“We’re honored that Bermuda Limousine International will be joining us in the efforts to change the future for those who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder,” said Malinda Logan, Director of Development of LearningSpring School.  “Over the years, we have been looking for new opportunities and have been accelerating our efforts to secure funds in order to help to raise awareness and maintain our academic and social skills curriculum.”

“Because of the staggering growth rate of autism disorders in the United States, Bermuda Limousine International chose with conviction to become an advocate for these children and their families.  We selected the LearningSpring School as the recipient of our philanthropic efforts because they have a proven track record in aiding children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and have provided for more than a decade the tools that these children need to succeed not only in school, but in society.   We are looking forward to assisting them in every endeavor that can further develop programs which benefit these children,” said Peter Verdi, President of Bermuda Limousine International.


Bermuda Limousine will donate 10% on every reservation completed with this form or via telephone at 212-647-8400 to the LearningSpring School!

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About Autism

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. An estimated 1 in 88 children in the U.S. is on the autism spectrum.

About Bermuda Limousine International

Bermuda Limousine International, a New York based company, is family owned and operated and has serviced the chauffeured transportation needs of their corporate and celebrity clients for over 72 years.  Their outstanding courteous drivers have extensive knowledge and experience that provides the client with the comfort and assurance that is required and expected from luxury and corporate limousine service.  The company’s fleet of limousines, corporate vehicles and luxury vans are routinely maintained and preserved in the utmost pristine condition.   For more information about Bermuda Limousine International, please visit their website – “FOR REASONS OTHER THAN TRANSPORTATION — BERMUDA – SINCE 1941” — www.BermudaLimo.com

About the LearningSpring School
Founded in 2001 and located in New York City, LearningSpring School for children on the autism spectrum in grades K-8 is committed to advance the social, developmental and academic growth of its students through pioneering educational and therapeutic strategies in order to prepare each child to participate in the wider community.  LearningSpring School is a 501(c)(3), NYS approved non-public school and has the capacity to serve 108 students.  It is currently staffed with 70 employees composed of professional teachers, therapists, and administrators.  LearningSpring School has an active Board of Trustees, a Parent Association, and a student body.

For over a decade, LearningSpring School has been dedicated to championing the needs of children living with autism spectrum disorders and facilitating their later success in graduating from high school, pursuing college, and in leading independent and fulfilling lives.  LearningSpring School is a NYSAIS accredited school and the first NYS school to be awarded a Gold LEED certification for its building.  For more information, please visit www.learningspring.org

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