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Difference between Black Car Service & Luxury Chauffeur Service

The difference between a Black Car Service and a Luxury Chauffeur Service

 Anyone who has ever used a car service to take them somewhere in style will quickly tell you that there is a huge difference between what is known as a Black Car Service and a Luxury Chauffeur Service. While both of these services have similar purposes, the standards that each aspires to are clearly distinctive. The differences between the two services can be seen at almost every level.

The cars and drivers are always the first aspects of car services that people see, and there is no comparison between Black Car and Chauffeur Services when it comes to professionalism and quality. Another noticeable difference is in the individuals who choose the two services. People who know quality and service will almost always go with the chauffeur service.

The differences that are not immediately evident based on appearance are even more important to consider when selecting a car service. Things like backup cars and drivers in case of problems, levels of experience and professionalism in the drivers, types of insurance coverage, and many others help put the Luxury Chauffeur services in a class of their own.

Personal Safety

Safety and security are among the greatest concerns coming from responsible passengers, and there are some very significant differences in what the two types of services offer that should be taken into account when choosing a chauffeur or car service.

When it comes to the traditional Black Car service, the cars do not belong to the company dispatching them. This means that the health of the vehicles is generally not monitored as closely as they should be and the insurance that drivers have is dependent on the whims of the drivers. As these types of drivers work on a per-job basis, many of them opt for the cheapest options available for both maintenance needs and insurance packages leaving the passengers at a higher level of risk.

Chauffeur services have much stricter guidelines when it comes to safety. For example, the minimum liability insurance for a chauffeur service is 5MM, whereas the lowest requirement for a Black Car service is 1MM.

Vehicle Quality Matters

Luxury Chauffeur Service Lincoln Continental Car ServiceThe cars that come with black car services make up a broad mix of standard vehicles. These cars are generally owned and operated by the drivers themselves. Even at the best of times, these cars are usually older vehicles that are not adequately maintained. The options that passengers are left with as a result are quite limited.

The fleets belonging to luxury chauffeur services, on the other hand, are all maintained by the company providing the service. Since the chauffeur service owns the cars, the company can apply standards for its fleet. This ability leads to newer cars with the latest technology, cars meticulously cared for regarding operation and looks, as well as a greater variety of models and sizes. What does all of this mean for the passengers? They have more choices which are more dependable because in-house personnel regularly monitor them.

The Right Drivers Make All The Difference

Airport Transportation Service - Chauffeur Service - Car ServiceWhen choosing a car service, the driver that comes with the car is just as important as the car itself. This is where the chauffeur services shine. Drivers working for the more professional car services undergo more training, better licensing, more experienced, and offer their passengers more in terms of services.

In comparison to black car services, the drivers who work for the chauffeur services are always reliable and punctual, they are dressed in uniform, and have plenty of experience when it comes to every aspect of the job. These drivers can turn an ordinary transportation experience into a journey fit for the elite which is why their clientele are of the more prestigious individuals who understand the finer things in life.

Why Luxury Chauffeur Services?

A Black Car Service and Luxury Chauffeur Service are both viable options when it comes to getting people to point B, but the style by which they each achieve their goal is worlds apart. The level of service is also not comparable between the two as only the chauffeur service is capable of providing the kind of top-notch experience that discerning people desire.