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Chauffeur Service

Chauffeur Service: A Convenient Luxury

Limousine entrance

Red Carpet Entrance

Let’s talk about convenience shall we?  Many of the services we—the general public—pay for are predicated directly upon the convenience said service provides. When one goes out to dinner, one expects to be—for all intents and purposes—taken care of.  All of the work a restaurant’s staff puts in to cultivate a pleasurable dining experience is work that we, as patrons of the restaurant don’t have to worry about.  These small luxuries serve to simplify the ever-swirling chaos of the daily grind.  Much in the same way a great meal at a restaurant can make a night out all the more memorable—and be an effective stress reliever—so too can hiring a chauffeur service to whisk one to and from one’s destination in the lathe of luxury.  Let us do the work so you don’t have to.


It’s not hyperbolic to state that parking in and around NYC is horrific.  Who wants to deal with the incessant horror-show of circling and re-circling, all whilst driving further and further from one’s destination?  The correct answer to that mostly hypothetical question is: nobody.  Let us drop you off right at the door to your destination and leave the parking woes at home.


Find me someone who likes traffic and you’ve found a masochist of terrifying proportions.  Our Chauffeurs know these roads like the back of their hands and are incredibly skilled at evading traffic whenever possible.  And even when traffic is unavoidable, it’s vastly more enjoyable to be stretched out in the back seat enjoying a cocktail and conversing, then to be trapped in the front seat, seething and growing more livid moment by moment.

Making an Entrance

Have Bermuda pick you up and arrive at your destination exuding style and class.  Prestigious and flashy events and premiere’s often warrant one making an elegant and memorable entrance and we have been helping our costumers make impressive entrances for over 70 years.  We take great pride in our fleet of luxury vehicles and go to great lengths to ensure each and every vehicle we use is of the highest order.  Bermuda truly is the ideal choice for arriving in style, relaxed, rested and ready for whatever the night has in store.