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FromBroadwaywithLove SandyHook

A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook

“From Broadway With Love”

A benefit concert for Sandy Hook

On Monday, January 28th concert “From Broadway With Love” for Sandy Hook at The Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. was extraordinary. What an honor to be a part of such a historical and giving project. It was a life changing experience for Billy Amato and his team at Bermuda Limousine International.

It was well worth the weeks that Billy Amato put into this and ended up moving over 150 of the best of Broadway to Waterbury, CT just for one day.

We at Bermuda Limousine International were honored to be in Waterbury, CT at From Broadway With Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook and to meet the families of the 20 children who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. The best way We at Bermuda Limousine International could capture the emotions of the benefit concert and the love that filled The Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. That night was where the healing begun with all the love from Broadway and thanks to wonderful good people like Van Dean and Brett Boles.

From Broadway with Love
Producers Van Dean and Brett Boles
A Benefit Concert For Sandy Hook
The Plus Sponsor of this event and made possible in part were:

Bermuda Limousine International
All Mobile Video
Atomic Design
The Palace Theater of Waterbury CT
Production Glue llc.

We are honored and touched to receive this from Sandy Hook

Dear Billy,

I had to take a day to write this because I didn’t want to drown my mac.  My students and I will never forget what you all did for our community.  You can’t imagine what an enormous impact this has had on our town and especially its children.

Being allowed to share the stage with the epic talent that performed on Monday is a gift, but knowing that you, and your team, all took time out of your busy schedules to make it happen so quickly and with such sensitivity to the needs of all those involved is truly humbling.

As for myself, the look on my student’s faces when they saw their idols perform and were able to share the stage with them is one of the many images I will carry with me.

We were all a little teary that night but I can tell you that those tears were different from the tears we shed on the 14th.  Those were healing tears and whenever we remember the horror of December 14th and question the depths to which humanity can sink, it will automatically bring up the memory of January 28th “From Broadway With Love” and the heights we can all reach together.

With deepest gratitude to you and Bermuda Limousine International,



Dear From Broadway With Love Production team and volunteers,

Not that you have any doubt…but the Newtown community got the message of love and healing loud and clear at Monday’s concert at The Palace Theater in Waterbury..

Here are some snippets to share with you (you have all been blind cc’d for your privacy – but feel free to pass this along to others as I don’t seem to have all the email addresses of the production crew):







GOOD MORNING AMERICA, Tuesday January 29, 2013

“I don’t think We have ever been so moved. Last night we went to the Palace Theater in Waterbury to see “From Broadway with Love”. It was a benefit concert for Sandy Hook. We knew it would be amazing but this was so much more. The night was filled with performances from Broadway stars interspersed with video footage from the cast of shows who could not be here proclaim their love and support for Newtown.  To see each and every Broadway star and orchestra member wearing a green and white ribbon…to have the cast of Sesame Street applause the children for their strength and to hear them sing “Just One Person”…to see Micky Dolenz from the Monkees sing “I’m a Believer” to the kids…to hear the Newtown High School Choir sing West Side Story…and then to see 72 young Newtown dancers perform with the cast of Hairspray (Valorie, your sweet Liz danced with such pride on her face)…Our hearts has been touched in an indescribable way here at GMA. To have each Broadway superstar blow us a kiss or place their hand on their heart in silence…it was like each one personally wrapped each of us into their arms in the most giant of hugs. We cannot believe they did all of this for all for Newtown. We are speechless”!



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