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Is a Limo Service Thing of the Past

Is a Limo Service a Thing of the Past?

Limo Service thing of past - Limousine ServiceLimousines have always conjured up images of elegance, style, wealth and sophistication in the modern world, and are still selected by customers today to portray the same qualities. However, many companies specializing in vehicle rental have begun to neglect the traditional limousine in favor of fleets stocked with sedans, vans and SUVs instead. This is a real shame because even though these new-fangled vehicles are shiny and have immaculate interiors, they can often lack the character and charm associated with a stretch limousine.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a limo rental company that boasts a well-maintained fleet of pristine modern limousines. Limousines found the height of their fame in the late 1970s and were the go-to vehicle for star-studded events in addition to corporate business meetings, but they faced a decline when town cars increased in popularity for day-to-day transportation. Town cars were sleek and well-defined which echoed the luxury that a limousine brought to its customer in a smaller package. Limos slowly started to take a back seat and were requested less often, but having said that, the best limousine services were reserved only for the most special of events and so retained their glamour and exclusivity.

Competition from Town Cars and SUVs

SUV Limo ServiceEven though town cars steadily gained an appealing reputation over the traditional limo, exuding prosperity and class, they too were soon to be replaced in popularity by a vehicle that just about every exclusive limo service company offers- the SUV. The SUV is a popular and trendy choice with a younger market than the town car and limo, but now that many millions of Americans are driving these daily anyway they have somewhat lost their exclusiveness. The Cadillac Escalade and the Lincoln Navigator are just two particularly sweet rides that are sure to be requested for many years to come by customers thanks to the space, smoothness and luxury that they give in unending measure. These larger vehicles tower over limos and town cars and have a special place in the hearts of many travelers who are looking for extra comfort in these inimitable vehicles.
When it comes to finding a limo rental service for your big event, having to search around different companies to see which types of stretch limousines they offer can be a real drag. Due to the fact that not many limousines are produced each year many companies will often hang on to older versions that need frequent repairs and have a less than desirable interior. One tasteful limousine you can always count on is the 2015 Lincoln MKT, although there aren’t that many transportation companies that push the boat out and add one of these stunning models to their fleet. This 3.7ltr beast is a classically styled all-wheel drive and sports a V6 engine, perfect for a night out with friends or business associates. It is equipped with all of the latest safety equipment plus a large seating area and entertainment center. Some Limousine service companies have even taken the extra step to add a miniature wireless Wi-Fi router to their vehicles in the fleet to give business customers access to free, fast Wi-Fi when on the move.

Limos for Weddings

Limo Service for NYC Wedding LimousineLimo rental may be showing signs of decline over the past few years when it comes to general daily transportation, but when it comes to upbeat and contemporary wedding preparations a limousine is definitely still on the agenda. Limousines are undoubtedly the most spectacular way to arrive in style at your wedding with your friends, family, bridesmaids or groomsmen in tow. It’s clear that Sprinter vans and luxury sedans are finding their place onto the wedding scene, but no other vehicle can get the party atmosphere started for the most special of days in the same way as a limousine can.
The Future of Limos

There is something special about limousines that can’t be done away with overnight, and their unique style and charm will ensure that stretch vehicles will carry on being requested for decades. The traditional limousine has already been transformed in scope when it was blended together with the Hummer, creating the famous Hummer Limo- and later the SUV Limo. This vehicle format took the limousine to the next level, decking it out with plush and spacious seating areas, flat screen televisions and even Jacuzzis in some custom models. This large and luxurious vehicle has reinvented the way the world looks at limousines and their star potential, so you can bet the limo is set to be reinvented yet again many more times over down the line.