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Since 1941, we have offered the newest and most sought after luxury vehicles for our clients.

Wi-fi zone - Save Data with Bermuda LimousineSave your megabytes on your data plan! Wi-Fi is available, upon request, for all of our luxury vehicles.  To ensure availability please request at the time of reservation.  This is the perfect service for business executives or generally anyone who wants to connect tablets, smartphones, or computers that require a Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

Now you can have a secure conference or video call, connect to office servers or surf the web in the comfort of your vehicle.  While you’re on the web, please don’t forget to like our Facebook page!



Luxury Vehicles: GPS Tracking on all our Sedans, Limousines, SUV’s, Club Vans, Mercedes Sprinters, and Buses

Luxury Vehicles GPS

Luxury Vehicles – GPS Tracking System

Bermuda Limousine has always stayed on the cutting edge when it comes to vehicle safety, operation, and communication.  We firmly believe that the constant developing technology plays a vital role in our level of chauffeur service.  As such our chauffeur vehicles; sedans, limousines, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, SUV’s, & club vans, Mercedes Sprinters, and buses are all equipped with GPS.

GPS tracking is a great way to track your vehicle.  This is great for business or entertainment roadshows where timing is everything.  If your an executive assistant or manager and need to know how your CEO’s or client’s schedule is going, you can easily monitor his location with just one phone call or on the web.

For more information on our luxury vehicles service, please contact us.

Chauffeur Vehicles, Chauffeur Service, Safety & Reliability!

Experience the best chauffeur vehicles.  As about our VIP Mercedes Sprinter!

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    Please note that photos may vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Chauffeur Vehicles may have slightly different color interiors or configuration.  For detailed information about our chauffeur vehicles please call 212.647.8400.  One of our sales consultants can assist you with the selection of the right vehicle. Bermuda Limousine International, Inc. operates under NYC T&LC Base Station #B00039.