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In Remembrance Of Michael Hyman

In Remembrance Of Michael Hyman

Michael Hyman - Bermuda LimousineAugust 26, 1960 – July 2, 2016

Yesterday we lost a man from the Bermuda family that the Verdi family had known for almost 30 years and more than half of his lifetime. Michael was loved and cherished by my parents and also my best friend for many years, John Knight who was like an old uncle to him.

Yes, Michael was different , but very loyal and very kind. Although we have lost his physical presence we are able to hold on to memories of him as a kind and caring person. The loss is sudden and hurtful. All I know is that it seems like some of the good people live the shortest. If you believe, maybe God takes those first that don’t need fixing. We don’t have the answers. All we can do is keep and hold sacred the memories of Michael. In his own way he touched us all. In his own way he loved us all and maybe and again if you believe, maybe he was the one that was doing the fixing.

May I extend the Verdi families sincerest thoughts and prayers to Michael, his wonderful sisters Sakia and Anita, his whole family, his friends and to everyone in the Bermuda family whose lives he blessedly touched as well. We loved you buddy. You will never be forgotten and you will remain in our hearts forever.