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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Luxury Van - Wheelchair Accessible Van


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles provides independence and freedom

Bermuda Limousine International provides access to the largest fleet of vehicles worldwide.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients with their corporate or personal ground transportation needs for over 75 years.

wheelchair accessbile vansOne of our most important vehicles in our fleet of luxury cars is our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle also known as “W.A.V”.  These vehicles have been instrumental in providing our clients with the ultimate independence and luxury.  The Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, W.A.V., provides ramp access for up to 5 passengers.  Once inside the vehicle, the passengers can accommodate themselves in the comfortable leather seats or remain safely secured in their wheelchair.  For your enjoyment the vehicle is equipped with an advanced video entertainment system.

If you require a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle then consider this the ultimate luxury ground transportation tool for independence and freedom.  Our chauffeurs are experienced and professional.  If required, they will assist and communicate with staff members at your final destination to ensure everything is seamless and hassle free.

For reasons other than transportation.


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